October 19, 2006

Taylor James Launches New 3D CGI Division

London - Creative retouchers, Taylor James announce the launch of a new division offering Computer Generated Imagery (CGI) related services to clients.

Taylor James, a company that specializes in high-end photographic retouching, has a strong reputation within the advertising and photographic industries for producing high-quality retouching with creative flair and meticulous attention to realism.

The company’s aim has been to produce creatively stunning imagery, but more importantly, convincing imagery. The approach is governed by such principles as perspectives, lighting, angles, and scale and is very much a 3-dimensional way of thinking. The company's collective experience and methodology offers them a springboard to enter the world of CGI and with it bring a level of creativity and realism that can exploit its true potential for reproduction on high-resolution print media.

Taylor James is officially launching its new CGI Division, introducing the latest HDR imaging techniques and hardware-based raytraced rendering integrated with high-end photographic retouching. This combination is the basis for Taylor James’ new service, REALWorld Rendering.

“Many of our clients had been asking us to help them out with CGI projects as they had mixed experiences in trialing it” explains Glen Taylor, managing director at Taylor James.

CGI can supplement a photographic shoot providing endless possibilities. Photographers and creatives are able to direct virtual set creation or model making to supplement their traditional photography. It can be used to allow access to locations which have typically been inaccessible or even launch a product as soon as the concept designs are finalized.