July 16, 2006

Sony Pictures Imageworks taps FrameFlow for 'Click'

Visual effects studio FrameFlow has completed its visual effects work for Sony Pictures Imageworks on the hit

Columbia Pictures and Revolution Studios comedy release, "Click." starring Adam Sandler. FrameFlow's US-based producers and its international staff of artists based in Chennai, India, worked directly with the VFX team at Imageworks to provide 3D tracking, wire removal, rotoscoping, and compositing work on effects shots for the movie, which opened June 23.

In the life-altering comedy "Click," Michael Newman (Adam Sandler), a busy architect who is trying to get ahead in the world, purchases a remote control that seems to not only let him control his TV set and stereo, but virtually his entire life. Sounds too good to be true. And it is, because soon the technologically sophisticated device is controlling Michael in ways he never imagined possible.

Most of FrameFlow's shots involved replacement of the "stand-in" remote-control prop with a CG version, as well as cleanup and roto work. With a team of 40 digital artists and animators at its state-of-the-art Chennai facility, FrameFlow was able to deliver the shots quickly and efficiently.

Founded in 2003, FrameFlow, LLC delivers visual effects and animation services for film, TV, and advertising projects internationally. Based in Atlanta and Los Angeles with a production operation in Chennai, India, FrameFlow staffs a team of 40 visual effects artists and serves production companies in the US, Canada, and the UK.