August 9, 2006

Skreem Entertainment to Acquire Weaver Interactive Online Video Game Company

Orlando, Fla. - Skreem Entertainment Corporation, continuing its aggressive push into new media, has signed a Letter of Intent to acquire Weaver Interactive Inc., the Korean mobile content and online game developer. Weaver is on target to reach $70 million in sales by 2010.
Weaver's games are based on the Chinese historic figures in the era of the Three Kingdoms. The company’s growth plan is to team with local game publishers in each target market, and deliver a commercial launch for specific markets within 90 days.
Weaver management has signed an agreement with, China's top Internet portal, to market Luanshi Sanguo, the Chinese version of its Samgukji. The game is expected to debut in the $3.5 billion Chinese market during the third quarter of 2006. More than 30 million broadband video game members exist in this, the world's fastest growing online market.
Weaver's Partnership & Promotion program enables its core online games to be localized for language, music, and content nuances, along with the development of new episodes and events. Weaver's marketing of their historical multiple online role playing game into China will be followed by Weaver's 2007 planned entrance into the $400 million Japanese market, the $285 million Taiwan market, and the $42 million Thailand market.