October 20, 2006

SPECopc Group Posts Update to Linux/Unix Version of SPECviewperf 9

Manassas, Va. - SPEC/GPC's OpenGL Performance Characterization (SPECopc) project group has posted new software and a patch to correct a script error in the Linux/Unix version of SPECviewperf 9 posted on August 22. 
The error caused scoring inaccuracies for the maya-02 and proe-04 viewsets. A new version (V9.0.3) of SPECviewperf 9 that corrects the problem has been posted on the SPEC/GPC Web site, along with a software patch for those who previously downloaded the Linux/Unix version. 
 The problem did not affect the Windows version of SPECviewperf 9, but that software has also been renamed 9.0.3 to keep the two versions in synch. Earlier versions of SPECviewperf are not affected by the problem.   
Developed by SPEC/GPC's OpenGL Performance Characterization (SPECopc) project group, SPECviewperf has become a worldwide standard for users assessing graphics performance for new purchases and upgrades, graphics card vendors testing products under development, OEMs evaluating graphics components, and consultants and publication editors reviewing new graphics systems. SPECviewperf 9 features two new viewsets, a restructured viewset, and code changes that bring the testing environment much closer to the realities experienced by application users.