November 17, 2006

PixelBox Academy Launches Collada 101 Course

Tokyo - PixelBox Academy has launched the online course Collada 101, composed of five levels covering all the aspects of the interchangable file format, as part of its continuing initiatives in video game education.
The eight-week online course beginning January 9, 2007 covers all the aspects of Collada, including an overview of the Collada API and the XML schema definition, working with animations, authoring shaders using Collada FX, integrating rigid bodies, mass properties, joint constraints and physics shapes using Collada Physics, and finally, using Collada in a production environment. 
Gelato Foundation (Introduction to Gelato) introduces students to Nvidia's rendering engine Gelato. This rendering tool can be used with two of the major applications in entertainment - Maya and 3ds max. This course will help artists understand how to use Gelato to achieve the look that they are looking for.
For more information, visit http://www.pixelboxacademy.net.