September 18, 2006

PNY Technologies Releases MaxFile Attache Micro Hard Drive

Parsippany, N.J. - PNY Technologies Inc. has announced its latest MaxFile Attache, a USB 2.0 micro hard drive with 12GB of storage space. 
The extra-small drive includes a Migo backup and synchronization software download, which aids users in syncing their e-mail, documents, favorites, and settings wherever they go.
With 12GB of memory, MaxFile Attaché can store thousands of documents, presentations, digital photos, songs, games, or more than 25 hours of video. It can transfer large volumes of data quickly, at read and write speeds of up to 11MB/sec. 
The device features an aluminum outer casing and is self-powered by a sturdy, USB connector.  The Migo software also addresses data protection, data recovery, and data archiving. PNY's MaxFile Attaché is available now and priced at $169.