July 7, 2006

Nexsan SATABeast and SATABoy available with iSCSI

Nexsan Technologies announced the availability of iSCSI versions of several members of its line of RAID storage ...

products, including its SATABeast and SATABoy, enabling direct-disk connections over the network.

iSCSI is the method of inexpensively connecting servers directly to disk over IP networks without having to purchase Fibre Channel switches or host bus adapters. Nexsan's iSCSI-enables solutions can be integrated into existing Ethernet or Fibre Channel backup environments.

The iSCSI functionality is now built into the company's SATABoy and SATABeast RAID 6 SATA-based products. Nexsan's implementation of RAID 6 has been optimized for SATA disk drives, providing protection against the failure of any two drives in a RAID set. Nexsan's RAID 6-enabled SATA storage solutions service a broad range of applications, including fixed content, reference data, and disk-to-disk backup and replication for business continuity and disaster recovery.

SATABeast's combination of technologies delivers reliability for primary and nearline storage, disk-to-disk backup, secondary storage, and fixed content archive applications. It features 21 terabytes of storage capacity in 4U of rack space and can scale to 210TB of capacity in a single rack. The SATABeast's design extends individual drive life, and its AutoMAID (Massive Array of Idle Disks) function allows SATABeast to place its disk drives into an idle state to conserve energy, yet provide near-instantaneous access to data.

SATABoy delivers availability and performance in a SATA RAID device. Dual 2Gb Fibre Channel connectors on each controller enable flexible implementation into a wide range of environments. It can be used for all digital information storage applications, such as live online data, fixed content, tiered storage, broadcast/VOD, and other business-critical applications.