December 6, 2006

NaturalMotion Releases endorphin 2.7

OXFORD, UK - NaturalMotion Ltd., developers of Dynamic Motion Synthesis (DMS) technology, has announced the availability of endorphin 2.7 and the endorphin 2.7 Learning Edition (eLE). The newest version of NaturalMotion’s animation software, endorphin 2.7, features new fluid effects support, a Maya control panel plug-in, extended forces and torques, additional file format support, and improved user resources. endorphin 2.7’s suite of tools is designed to enhance workflow for animators creating realistic, interactive 3D character animation for games, films, and broadcast production.

endorphin 2.7 includes several new and improved features:

Fluid effects - Characters and objects can interact with fluids (such as water, air, and mud) in a physically-plausible manner, including buoyancy and drag forces. Additional effects such as moving fluids and waves are also supported.

endorphin Control Panel plug-in for Maya - New plug-in allows animation generated by a Maya control rig to be mapped onto an endorphin character, and allows animation generated by endorphin to be mapped onto a Maya control rig. This enables users to drive complex IK rigs using endorphin, and allows users to animate over the endorphin motion, to enhance or replace it on a joint-by-joint basis.

Extended forces and torques - The Push physical effect behavior allows a force to be applied over multiple frames. The Twist physical effect behavior allows a torque (rotational force) to be applied over multiple frames.

Improved hold effect - A new stickiness parameter allows users to model the effect of sticky surfaces.

Improved file format support - Extended support for new Acclaim 2 file format.

Improved resources - A new library of standard simulation characters and prop characters, a revised endorphin User Guide, and additional tutorials for fluid, push, and twist physical effects.

The endorphin 2.7 Learning Edition (eLE) is available for immediate download from The eLE contains the same features found in endorphin 2.7, relevant product documentation, and a comprehensive support network via the company’s active endorphin forum, which includes more than 30,000 registered users. The software has no time restrictions; however, it is motion file export disabled and is not to be used for commercial production.

endorphin 2.7 is available now for $9495. The upgrade is free of charge to existing NaturalMotion customers with a valid maintenance contract. NaturalMotion also gives customers an opportunity to rent endorphin on a monthly basis for $1195.