November 22, 2006

Mammoth HD Releases MHD Sports Gallery Royalty-free Titles

Evergreen, Colo. - Mammoth HD has launched the MHD Sports Gallery with 15 new collections that feature the works of Essex TV Group, Prime Digital, and Denver High Def. The new sports titles include Off-shore and lake Power Boats aerials, Off-Road Racing in Baja (Mexico) and Nevada, Motorcycles, Ferrari's, Drag Racing, Rock Crawlers, Street Luge, and Cage Fighting.
The Sports Gallery will be expanding fast with new titles and sports -- from the extreme and personal to the classic. The new additions to the Mammoth HD Footage Library bring the total online collections to 405 titles, ranging from the Amazon and the South Pacific to Bhutan and the Middle East.
Mammoth HD's royalty-free collections provide online review with thumbnails, clip information, and Quicktime previews of every clip.
Mammoth HD's November 2006 collection releases include:
-- PowerBoats Vol.1
-- PowerBoats Vol.2
-- PowerBoats Vol.3
-- PowerBoats Vol.4
-- Baja Vol.1
-- Baja Vol.2
-- Drag Racing
-- Street Luge
-- Ferrari 1
-- Ferrari 2
-- Motorcycle Canyon
-- Motorcycle Track
-- Off Road Racing
-- Rock Crawlers
-- Cage Fighting