September 11, 2006

Mammoth HD Expands HD Footage Library with 18 New Collections

Evergreen, Colo. - Mammoth HD has released its August footage collections, including Classic Cars, River Trash, Silk Road, and more.
Steve Gibby expands on his California Lifestyle collections with Classic Cars Vols 1-3 (outdoor car show and Cruise Nite), Morro Beach, Beach Day, and Monarch Butterflies.

Sterling Noren adds to the Silk Road Series with more Turkey, Azerbaijan, and Georgia collections.

Bill Macdonald's environmental series of River Trash Vols 1-3 show the pollution and garbage in LA's river system. Additional collection titles added with the August releases include Parade, Bird Nest, and Cities: Seattle.

Mammoth HD's Royalty Free Collections feature online review with thumbnails, clip information, and Quicktime previews of every Clip.The MHD's new collection includes work from Steve Gibby, Sterling Noren, Chambers Gardening Productions, Bill Macdonald, Bryan McLain, and Alesia Glidewell.

MHD August 2006 Collection releases include:
Morro Bay
Beach Day
Bird Nest
Monarch Butterfly
Silk Road: Baku
Silk Road: Georgia
Silk Road: Iznik Tiles
Silk Road: Turkish Villages
Silk Road: Sheki
Classic Cars Vol.1
Classic Cars Vol.2
Classic Cars Vol.3
River Trash Vol.1
River Trash Vol.2
River Trash Vol.3
Cities: Seattle

Photo Credit: Steve Gibby - MHD_C1339HDV, Classic Cars HDV Vol.1.