October 25, 2006

InterSense Upgrades Wide-area Inertial Optical Motion Tracking System

Santa Barbara, Calif. - InterSense Inc., maker of precision motion technology, has released its next generation IS-1200 VisTracker wide-area inertial-optical motion tracking system. Designed to be autonomous using mobile computing platforms, the new VisTracker makes tracking an object or person possible over building-sized areas with the high precision required by such applications as mixed and augmented reality systems. 

The passive tracking reference patterns enable virtually unlimited tracking areas without requiring power, cable, or structural installation. Power and interface for the VisTracker come from the USB port of the mobile computing platform, eliminating the need for an extra power supply.

New advanced sensor fusion algorithms, plus the embedded Blackfin DSP, tackle the task of accurate and robust tracking, enabling the mobile platform to track movements that ordinary optical systems cannot track.

The factory calibrated VisTracker requires a one time initial registration for augmented and mixed reality applications, enabling simple set-up and eliminating the need for additional calibration during operation.  Furthermore, the VisTracker can now operate over a wide range of natural lighting conditions.

The VisTracker can withstand the rigors of a wide range of challenging mobile environments.