August 30, 2006

Intelligent Light Releases FieldView 11.1 for Large CFD Simulations

Rutherford, N.J. - Intelligent Light, in addressing the need to post-process and visualize data generated by computational fluid dynamics (CFD) applications, has introduced FieldView Version 11.1. FieldView has been updated with new capabilities and functionality to deliver scalable post-processing performance to users of multi-CPU/multi-core workstations, large shared memory systems, and cluster computing environments. New data analysis, automation, and data reading capabilities are also a part of this release.
FieldView 11.1 enables in-depth analysis of CFD simulations, while maintaining work flow integration and accessibility. FieldView’s Parallel capabilities achieve speed increases on the order of five times on eight CPUs when post-processing realistic, multigrid CFD simulations on systems with AMD Opteron processors, reducing turnaround time for simulations.

FieldView Parallel capabilities are available for users of multi-CPU/multi-core workstations and HPC server users. FieldView 11.1 will support multigrid parallel execution on shared memory systems of up to 4 processor cores without modification or fees. Also new to this release is support for HP-UX running on Itanium processors.