July 31, 2006

Hushon receives fellowship to help develop Media Grid standards

The Grid Institute announced that Dan Hushon, senior director and chief technologist of Sun Microsystems' on-demand Sun Grid compute utility, has been appointed a one year Fellowship to participate in the development of international Media Grid standards.
Hushon's Fellowship is the result of a close synergy between the Media Grid and Sun Grid, Sun's on-demand compute utility, and Sun's continued support of open technology standards.

Hushon is the architect of numerous distributed and high-performance computing solutions with a focus on federated massive scale and maintenance of deterministic performance. As a Fellow of the Grid Institute, Hushon will participate in the design and development of digital media utility computing standards as an invited expert of the following Media Grid Technology Working Groups:
  • Quality of Service Technology Group (QOSTG)
  • Grid Gateway Technology Group (GGTG)
  • Rendering Technology Group (RTG)
  • Gaming Technology Group (GTG)


The Media Grid is a public utility for digital media. Based on new and emerging distributed computational grid technologies, the Media Grid builds upon existing Internet and Web standards to create a network optimized for digital media delivery, storage, and processing.

A range of software programs and Websites can use the Media Grid for delivery and storage of rich media content, media processing, and computing power. The Media Grid is an open and extensible platform that enables a wide range of applications not possible with the traditional Internet alone, including Massive Media on Demand (MMoD); interactive digital cinema on-demand; immersive education and distance learning; multi-player games and virtual reality (VR); Hollywood movie and film rendering, special effects, and composition; real-time rendering of high-resolution graphics; real-time visualization of complex weather patterns; real-time protein modeling and drug design; telepresence, telemedicine, and telesurgery; vehicle and aircraft design and simulation; visualization of scientific and medical data.

The Grid Institute leads the design and development of the global Media Grid through the MediaGrid.org open standards organization in collaboration with industry, academia, and governments from around the world.

For more, go to MediaGrid.org