September 7, 2006

GridIron Software Introduces Nucleo Pro for Visual Effects Artists

Ottawa, Canada - GridIron Software has announced the availability of GridIron Nucleo Pro, designed to optimize the workflow for visual effects artists working in Adobe After Effects on multi-processor and multi-core computers. Nucleo Pro, an After Effects plug-in introduces the concept of rendering and working at the same time, while maximizing the full use of all available CPU resources.

Nucleo Pro enables users:

-- to render as they work with Spec Preview and Spec Render,

-- to push the render to the background using the new Background Render Queue and continue working in After Effects, or any other application,

-- commit layers to disk to have Nucleo Pro render only the specified layers.

Features available in both Nucleo Pro and Nucleo include the ability to:

-- specify which type of preview to emulate, Standard(spacebar) Preview, RAM Preview, or Shift RAM Preview,

-- render out to both sequences and movies in any format supported by After Effects,

-- boost performance by optimizing how After Effects consumes RAM on your system,  

-- prevent disk thrashing bottlenecks by optimizing disk writes through a single process.

A free demo is available at