December 15, 2006

DiskStream Inc. Debuts Capsa Video-archiving Solution

Waterloo, Canada - DiskStream Incorporated, a provider of media management solutions, has unveiled Capsa, its video archiving solution. Capsa is a turnkey and future-proof system for file-based archiving of video content, including broadcast news, commercials, and other programming.
Tailored to the needs of small market broadcasters and specialty channels, Capsa improves access to archived media content and eliminates the high cost, inefficiency, and inconvenience of video tape archiving.
"A successful trial with a leading national broadcaster has shown that facilities have an economical alternative to archiving on video tape that provides powerful search and browse capabilities with instant access to the content," says Ian Russell, president of DiskStream. "Using a Capsa 6125 archive with 12.0TB of RAID-6 protected SATA storage and DVD robot, the station was able to migrate a significant volume of legacy archived newscontent from its news production system and tape library, making it immediately available for re-use through Capsa's search, preview, and restore features." 
With Capsa, production staff can find relevant and useful clips with a Google-like search feature, preview low-resolution proxies, and quickly restore relevant files with a simple drag-and-drop command—all from the convenience of a desktop computer. Capsa supports a range of open, industry-standard essence, metadata, and container formats, ensuring valuable media and metadata will never be trapped within a proprietary database—eliminating any future migration concerns.
Capsa automatically archives video content and other files on nearline SATA storage or offline data DVDs. Media files are submitted to archive through asimple network file copy. Archived material remains easily accessible through a Google-like search, low-resolution preview, and single-click restore—all from the user's desktop.
Based on industry standards, Capsa is available immediately, with pricing starting at less than $30,000. Capsa is available in 4.0, 12.0 and 18TB nearline storage configurations with optional DVD robot for offline archiving.