December 21, 2006

Digital Domain Joins Forces with Microsoft to Announce Upcoming Halo Sequel

Venice, Calif. - When the videogame Halo was released in 2001, it put Microsoft on the map in the videogame business. By entering into an exclusive agreement, Halo became Xbox’s “killer app.” When Halo 2 came out, it broke all the records for weekend sales, grossing more than $100 million in three days and selling 1.5 million advance copies. If Halo 2 was a film, its opening weekend would have been the third highest grossing film of all time. With the release of Halo 3 delayed for months, anticipation is growing. Even a commercial is big news for gamers, so when the time came to release the first TV ad hinting that the next sequel was arriving soon, Digital Domain got the call.

The Halo “Starry Night” spot opens at night in a grassy field. Two children—a boy and a girl—are laying supine and gazing up at the stars. The boy asks the girl, “Do you ever wonder what’s up there?

“Like what?” she replies.

“Maybe someone up there is wondering what it’s like here,” he says.

“I guess…do you think we’ll ever meet them?” she asks.

“I hope so. Don’t you?”

At that moment, viewers are projected to the world of Halo 3. They see the unmistakable helmet of The Chief laying on the ground. A nearby explosion lights up the scene and a shaky camera shows us what the world looks like through The Chief’s eyes. He is stunned and dazed. He grabs his helmet and puts it back on. Around him everywhere is war.

Through his radio he hears his comrades discussing him. “I think we lost him.”

“Not yet,” says The Chief.

He throws a protective shield around him as a rocket lands nearby. Amidst the explosion’s aftermath, he begins to sprint, pulls his weapon out and leaps off a ledge into the middle of an enemy troop. The rest is left to one’s imagination.


Directed by: Joe Kosinski

Agency: McCann-Erickson, San Francisco

Scott Duchon                           Group Creative Director

Geoff Edwards                         Group Creative Director

Rick Herrera                            Copywriter

Tim Stier                                  Art Director

Peter Goldstein                        Account Director

Mary Beth Barney                    Business Manager

Jan O’Malley                            Director Broadcast Production

Tammy Smith-White                 Broadcast Producer


Production Company: Anonymous Content

Joseph Kosinski                       Director

Jeff Baron                                 Executive Producer

Sue Ellen Clair                          Head of Production

Michael DiGirolamo                  Head of Sales

Scott Kaplan                            Producer

Julien Lemaitre                         Production Supervisor

Animation and Visual Effects by: Digital Domain, Inc.

Ed Ulbrich                                President Commercial Division

Lisa Beroud                              Executive Producer

Vernon Wilbert                         Computer Graphics Supervisor

Michael Crapser                       Visual Effects Producer

Alex Thiesen                             Visual Effects Coordinator

Chris House                             Production Coordinator


Russ Glasgow                           Editor


Dave Stern                               Flame Artist

Mike Saz                                  Flame Artist


Rafael Colon                            Nuke Compositor

Rachel Keyte                            Nuke Compositor


Chris DeSantis                         Previs

David Rosenbaum                    Previs


Nancy Adams Schultz               Digital Artist

Greg DeSantis                          Digital Artist

Jeff Dierstein                             Digital Artist

Todd Dufour                            Digital Artist

Jim Gaczkowski                       Digital Artist

Toby Gaines                             Digital Artist

Paul Gimm                                Digital Artist

Lori Green                                Digital Artist

Briana Hamilton                        Digital Artist

Pao Jitmakusol                         Digital Artist

Paul Jordan                              Digital Artist

Tim Ranck                                Digital Artist

Craig Ricard                             Digital Artist

Craig Van Dyke                       Digital Artist

Mike Warner                            Digital Artist
Brian White                              Digital Artist


Daniel Thron                             Matte Painter

Mayumi Shimokawa                 Matte Painter

Scott Edelstein                         Tracker

Hilery Copeland                       Roto Artist