September 21, 2006

Digital Domain Hires Three Creative Senior Executives from Visual Effects Industry

Venice, Calif. - Digital Domain has hired a trio of executives who have served as instrumental leaders of one of the visual effects industry’s most accomplished companies. Mark Miller, a 22-year veteran of Industrial Light & Magic (ILM), has been named president of Digital Domain. Cliff Plumer serves as the new chief technology officer, whereas Kim Libreri fills the position of vice president - Advanced Strategy of Digital Domain.  
Digital Domain is an Academy Award-winning full-service digital studio and production company responsible for visual sequences in such films as Titanic, Day After Tomorrow, I, Robot, and the upcoming Clint Eastwood film, Flags of our Fathers, as well as commercials such as the recent Budweiser Super Bowl “Superfan” spot.  
Mark Miller, a 22-year veteran of Industrial Light & Magic (ILM) whose credits include overseeing such visual effects works as Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man’s Chest, The Hulk, and two installments of Jurassic Park, has been named president of Digital Domain, reporting to chief executive officer Carl Stork.  
Cliff Plumer, who joined ILM in 1996 and was promoted to chief technology officer for all of LucasFilm two years ago, will become chief technology officer of Digital Domain and will lead the company’s planned expansion of its technological resources and in the convergence of films and video games. 
Kim Libreri, the architect behind the visual effects company ESC Entertainment and a key force behind all three Matrix movies, as well as Poseidon, will join Digital Domain as vice president - Advanced Strategy.
Miller, Plumer, and Libreri will join Digital Domain’s executive leadership team alongside Stork; Ed Ulbrich, who heads the company’s industry leading advertising business unit and oversees select feature films and alternative media projects; and Jeff Stringer, who leads the digital studio group.  
Digital Domain was acquired in May 2006 by an affiliate of Wyndcrest Holdings LLC, an investment group whose principals in addition to Stork and Textor are director Michael Bay, NFL football great Dan Marino, and Jonathan Teaford. Wyndcrest Holdings is a Florida-based private investment and acquisition firm focused on technology-related opportunities in entertainment, telecommunications and the Internet.