September 13, 2006

Diamond Multimedia Unveils Three New Viper Graphics Cards with Radeon X1950 Chip

Chatsworth, Calif. - Diamond Multimedia, a manufacturer of graphics cards, sound cards, and communications products,
announced the availability of three new versions of its popular Viper video card line, including the X1950 CrossFireT and X1950XTX in PCI-E models along with the X1950PRO available in an AGP version.
The X1950 cards' ATI Radeon chip and tested memory speeds of 450MHz faster than the last generation of X1900 cards achieve fast clock speed and unrivaled video quality to provide the most immersive experience available.

The X1950 cards are also equipped with the Avivo ATI Technology video and display platform, which enables a high-definition visual experience. Avivo offers universal display connectivity, enabling users to display PC graphics on a variety of consumer electronics devices, including big-screen televisions.

The X1950s support High Dynamic Range (HDR) imaging with full postprocessing capabilities, including anti-aliasing. The Viper X1950XTX and the Viper X1950 CrossFire use the Radeon X1950 GPU, with a 512MB GDDR4 interface and PCI Express data bus. These cards have a core clock speed of 650MHz and a 2GHz memory speed. The X1950AGP model has a 256MB GDDR4 interface, core clock speed of 600MHz, and a 1.4GHz memory speed (due to ship in October). All these products support Dual DVI (x2 Dual-link), HDTV, D-sub, VIVO, and Avivo.

The X1950 CrossFire and X1950 XTX are each priced at $449.