August 31, 2006

Di-O-Matic Introduces LipSync MX Version 2

Montreal, Canada - Di-O-Matic, a developer of character animation software, has released LipSync MX v2, the newest version of its award-winning lip synchronization assistant software.
LipSync MX, using a single audio file, translates character drawings into talking character animations. The software analyzes the audio file and automatically animates the character in various languages, including English, French, Japanese, and German.
LipSync MX aids Flash animators and web designers who wish to speed production and create quality lip synchronization animations.
Among the features new to Version 2 are: an improved workflow to keep animation vector-based from beginning to end, the importation of SWF file as visemes (with transparency support), the importation of .MP3 audio files, full vector process support (import and export), enhanced SWF publisher settings (compression, file version support), the ability to export SWF with streaming sound, Web-ready SWF file generation (no need to post-process in Flash), and unrestricted frame rate (as many FPS as you want).

LipSync MX is available for $99 at A limited, free demo version is available online at