November 28, 2006

Dell Pre-installs Yosemite Backup on Each Dell PowerVault RD1000 Removable Disk Drive

San Jose, Calif. - Yosemite Technologies has announced that its Yosemite Backup software has been selected by Dell Inc. as the default backup and restore software for its new removable disk device, the RD1000.

Dell has referred to the Yosemite Backup software as being designed specifically for the PowerVault RD1000 while providing easy installation, management and basic backup and restore for a single server or workstation. Customers can schedule monthly, weekly, or daily backups quickly and easily via the intuitive user interface.


Yosemite Technologies customized its Yosemite Backup product for the RD1000 application. In addition to the bundled software, a number of upgrades to the full complement of Yosemite Backup features and options are also available through Dell, providing customers with the ability to seamlessly grow their backup architecture as their needs change.