September 20, 2006

Christie Contributes Data-Visualization Technology to Louisiana Immersive Technologies Enterprise advanced 3D immersive facility

Cypress, Calif. - Christie has completed the installation and integration for multiple advanced visualization environments for Louisiana Immersive Technologies Enterprise (LITE), one of the largest and most advanced 3D immersive visualization and supercomputing facilities. 
Set to open to the public today with a ceremony highlighted by keynote presentations from Louisiana governor Kathleen Blanco, as well as commissioner of administration Jerry Luke LeBlanc, LITE is a $27 million, 70,000 square-foot complex and one of the most comprehensive data visualization and supercomputing installations in existence.   
A joint effort of the State of Louisiana, the Lafayette Economic Development Authority (LEDA) and the University of Louisiana at Lafayette, LITE features SGI computer and storage solutions that Christie integrated with a fiber optic signal infrastructure and multiple Christie TotalView visualization display solutions. 
The TotalView 3D Immersive Environment, one of the world’s few six-sided fully immersive room environments, is a custom-developed visual cube with10x10-foot display surfaces on the walls, floor, and ceiling. It is powered by Christie’s Mirage DLP-based stereoscopic projection technology. Data interaction is enhanced by tracking the motions and perspective of the user.
Immersive Auditorium is a large immersive theater-like setting with 175 seats facing an 11-foot high by 40-foot wide curved screen. Powered by Christie Mirage projectors, LITE’s Immersive Auditorium can function in active or passive stereoscopic modes.
Immersive Conference Room, a lecture/presentation environment, features a large-scale 3D display system and motion tracking.
Immersive Collaboration Teleconference Room, accommodating an audience of up to 25 people, is well suited for varied presentation formats, including PowerPoint, videoconferencing, and similar applications.