September 8, 2006

Celco Presents Its Fury 4K High-Resolution Digital Film Recorder

Rancho Cucamonga, Calif. - Celco, maker of digital film recording systems, has released the newest digital film recorder in its product line, the Fury 4K. The new Fury 4K, Celco's latest advance in digital film recording technology, is the company's fastest and highest-resolution recorder ever developed. The system is designed to speed full range, 10-bit log, 4K imagery onto Kodak 2242 color intermediate negative stock. The Fury 4K uses the company's newly developed electro-magnetic beam control system to produce significantly sharper 4K images. 
At the same time, the system will be capable of outputting to virtually any type of film stock, including color and black-and-white intermediate and camera negative stocks. The Fury 4K will be driven by Celco's Linux-based host operating system and will be included as part of the film recorder system price.

The complete system will be delivered  with Celco's FilmOut Pro GUI software which controls the film recorder and includes image processing and viewing tools. FilmOut Pro enables the operator to define aspect ratios and formats, and provides image cropping, offset, and resizing tools. It has selectable image sharpening algorithms and degrain functions.
FilmOut Pro also includes an automated color management tool, and an interactive A/B image-comparison slider that enables the user to view images before and after different image processing tools have been applied. Bundled within the FilmOut Pro software is FinalView, an image-viewing tool that displays the final image and its exact size and position on film that provides the operator a final view of the image on film before it is sent to the recorder.