October 18, 2006

Caligari Infuses trueSpace 7.5 with Style-based Character Animation, Collaborative Tools, Simplified UI, More

Mountain View, Calif. - Caligari Corporation, maker of 3D modeling and animation software, has announced version 7.5 of trueSpace, reportedly the indusry's first 3D software application to feature real-time collaborative authoring technology.
The new release, which will become available in the fourth quarter of 2006, will boast several enhancements, including new character animation, modeling, rendering, and collaborative tools, as well as a revamped, simplified UI.
According to Caligari executives, trueSpace7.5 is the only 3D authoring product on the market to offer all aspects of real-time design, modeling, animation, and rendering within a virtual 3D space shared by remote participants over the broadband Internet.  
Version 7.5 will feature a new character animation subsystem, which takes advantage of the new trueSpace architecture and the latest advances in animation research. The Inverse Kinematics is style-based, using empirical databases of motion styles to make character manipulation more natural, while providing users access to every key-framable parameter. Users will also able to blend traditional keyframed clips with new procedural and physics based clips to help easily create typically demanding realistic animations such as jumps, falls or crashes.  
New modeling capabilities will include a new set of polygon modeling tools in the Player including a new Material Editor, UV Editor, and a Draw panel with curves.  
Version 7.5 will also include a redesigned PolyDraw, which can draw on SDS surfaces, advanced snapping and constraints, shrink wrap, and unwrap. True displacement tools will allow users to paint new geometry on the existing surfaces using image brushes.
New rendering features in trueSpace7.5 will include much anticipated hair and fur shaders. Other new V-Ray features will include solid animation support, such as high-quality motion blur, depth of field, postprocessing, anisotropic reflections, true displacement mapping, and more. Users can expect improvements in the Lightworks rendering tools.
One of the unique aspects of trueSpace is a complete set of collaborative tools,  including private user shared spaces and new integrated communications tools.
Version 7.5 will feature configurable toolbars and libraries, making the interface more polished and easier to use. TrueSpace 7.5 will be available in Q4 2006 for $595. Free upgrade options will be available.