September 7, 2006

Bluefish444 Unveils HD MPEG-2 Video-Compression System

South Melbourne, Australia - Bluefish444 has introduced a real-time encoding HD MPEG-2 video-compression system for all high-definition (HD) video resolutions, the Bluefish444 RAGE N|Code. Applications for this new solution include HD archival for studios and broadcasters, accelerated HD MPEG-2 export from Adobe Premiere Pro, multi-channel SD compressed ingest, live streaming applications, post production and digital content creation, and HD-DVD/Blu-Ray authoring.
Based upon the Bluefish444 HD|Fury single link HD/SD SDI I/O card, Bluefish444's Symmetry acquisition, review, and play-out software, and Aspex's Accelara 3000 Advanced Video Encoder PCI-X card, the new Bluefish444 system offers plug and play acceleration of MPEG-2 encoding inside many popular third-party software applications, such as Adobe Premiere Pro 2 and Autodesk Cleaner XL.

Bluefish444's RAGE N|Code enables MPEG 2 acceleration from the user interface of popular applications utilizing the MainConcept MPEG2 codec. With Bluefish444 RAGE N|Code, users can ingest from live uncompressed sources, such as HD/SD cameras and tape decks and experience real-time 1920x1080 HD MPEG2 encoding.

Unlike fixed-function hardware encoders, Bluefish444's RAGE N|Code is fully software programmable, providing the comfort of flexibility, scalability, and a future-proof upgrade path to additional codecs, such as H.264 and Windows Media/VC1.  

In high-performance mode, Bluefish444 RAGE N|Code provides real-time HD encoding (1920x1080i60) with CPU loading of around 60 percent and no loss of quality. Bluefish444 RAGE N|Code can be run in a fully offloaded mode, reducing host CPU loading to 15 to 20 percent. With the Bluefish444 RAGE N|Code system, users can select the highest-quality encoder settings with little loss of performance.

The Bluefish444 RAGE N|Code system retails for $17,995 and will be available worldwide in September 2006.