November 1, 2006

Autodesk Inc. Announces Creative Tools Extension for Autodesk Toxik 2007

San Rafael, Calif. - Autodesk Inc. has announced the first creative tools extension for its Autodesk Toxik 2007 software, containing advanced features for image transforms, filtering, and warping.

Toxik, used to create feature film visual effects, provides 2D and 3D compositing tools, integrated collaboration, and the ability to manipulate high-resolution, high-dynamic range (HDR) imagery.

Available only to Autodesk subscription members, the first Toxik 2007 extension offers a new 2D Transform feature in addition to the software's existing 3D Transform tool. This feature is based on filtering techniques developed by Autodesk's Image Science Group -- a team of scientists dedicated to developing state-of-the-art image-processing tools.The 2D Transform tool allows artists to move, scale, and rotate an image while maintaining a superior level of accuracy and quality.

Other key features in the extension include Lens Distort and Comparison tools. Lens Distort enables artists to correct or simulate lens distortion in a clip. Digital artists can remove or adjust existing camera lens distortion, and apply lens distortion to computer-generated and other undistorted layers. Also included in Toxik, the Autodesk Flame visual effects system's Comparison feature allows artists to juxtapose images and examine results in context with reference frames or other nodes within a composition.

Autodesk Toxik 2007 Extension 1 is currently available to subscription holders for download from the Toxik portal.  Autodesk Toxik 2007 can now be purchased in single seats for $6500 in North America, not including subscription. Subscription is no longer required with purchase and is available for a newly reduced price of $1200 in North America. International pricing may vary.