November 29, 2006

Anark Studio Upgrades its Flagship Interactive 3D Application Development Platform

Boulder, Colo. - Anark Corporation has released the newest version of its flagship interactive 3D authoring application, Anark Studio 4.0. This new version of Anark’s interactive 3D application development platform is focused on increasing speed and memory management, improved workflow, optimized playback, and visual enhancements, as well as expanded animation support.
Anark Studio uses 3D assets to enhance communication by more effectively delivering realistic product configuration, interactive training, virtual catalogs, and sales and marketing presentations. With the ability to utilize existing 3D data (CAD and DCC), Anark Studio 4.0 is able to deliver target applications on schedule and under budget. 
Version 4.0 includes several upgrades, including the following.  
-- Autodesk 3ds Max and Maya animations can be brought directly into Anark Studio applications via integrated Collada support. This exciting cross-platform file format enables 3D artists to share their 3D content and animation data directly with Anark Studio, opening up a new realm of application development opportunities. This feature strengthens Anark’s existing keyframe animation by adding additional capabilities such as fluid camera paths and character animation.
-- Eight new Editing Camera modes, providing content developers with the ability to rapidly align or visually inspect their 3D assets. Each of these cameras includes industry standard Pan, Zoom, Orbit, and Fit Selected functionalities.
-- Integrated Rulers and Snapping brings the simplicity of 2D layout into Anark Studio’s 3D environment. This feature is useful for designers working with Anark’s international text tools or for advanced user interface layout and alignment.
-- Optimized Asset Refresh enables Anark components to be directly refreshable from the library and imported assets display their reference file path for simplified asset management. A single mouse click can refresh individual assets or an entire application.
-- Improved Library Palette allows assets to be optimally sorted by name or asset type for improved large project and multi-developer management.
-- The addition of Pan/Zoom/Orbit/Fit Selected Javascript Behavior allows for simplified development of more extensive and large-scale interactive applications. Developers can drag and drop these new behaviors directly onto objects or groups and full 3D navigation is provided. These behaviors simplify the creation of dynamic applications that better utilize the full power of 3D.
-- MIP Mapping has been added to the available rendering tools in order to improve asset texture aliasing effects. This feature is instrumental in removing the appearance of “sparkles” from the surface of 3D objects, especially while the camera is moving. Overall, the use of MIP Mapping results in sharper and more realistic visuals.