December 11, 2006

1 Beyond Inc. Releases HD OctoFlex2 Eight-core Processor System

Somerville, Mass. - 1 Beyond Inc., a provider of digital video editing, compositing, and storage systems, has announced the 1 Beyond HD OctoFlex2, the industry’s first eight-core processor system running Windows XP designed specifically for video professionals.
Whether for editing, compositing, or encoding, eight cores of processing power provide significant workflow improvements. With this new architecture, the 1 Beyond HD OctoFlex2 offers up to 70 percent performance improvements compared to the original OctoFlex system, making it faster than the traditional business and server systems often used in video applications.

1 Beyond HD OctoFlex2 offers significant workflow improvements in all aspects of video production. For example, recent benchmark testing showed that rendering an Adobe After Effects project using one of the most expensive competitive systems took 16.7 minutes, compared to only 2.3 minutes using the 1 Beyond HD OctoFlex2 8 processor system with the Personal Render Farm software.

Available immediately with prices starting at $6595 (or $7995 including a 1.75TB HD disk array), this new system is scaleable. New users can start with an SD system and upgrade to compressed or uncompressed HD in the future by adding disks without the requirement for external storage. The 1 Beyond HD OctoFlex2 handes all video formats, including the most power hungry 2K and 4K film scans.  

In addition, the 1 Beyond HD OctoFlex2 supports the latest Windows XP professional applications widely used by editors and graphic artists. Other high-end multiprocessor systems are only capable of running Windows Server 2003, which most professional video and graphics software will not support.

Like all other members of the 1 Beyond Pro HD Flex line of systems, the 1 Beyond HD OctoFlex2 system is customizable and available turnkey to meet exact workflow requirements and budgets.
Certified hardware includes BlueFish444, Black Magic Design, Matrox Axio, and AJA Xena. Customers can choose different chassis including standard tower/rack-mount, portable, or double-wide and select from a wide range of editing and effects software, including Adobe Production Studio, Avid Xpress HD and Media Composer, Avid Softimage|XSI, Autodesk Combustion and 3ds Max, Boris Blue, Canopus Edius, Sony Vegas, Eyeon Digital Fusion, and more. Storage options include up to 10 removable hot-swap drives as well as external SCSI, SATA2, Intelligent SATA2, and Fibre Channel.