SiliconCore unveils high performance 1.2mm 240 Hz XR LED Display at NAB 2024
April 15, 2024

SiliconCore unveils high performance 1.2mm 240 Hz XR LED Display at NAB 2024

LED display manufacturer SiliconCore has unveiled its 1.2mm XR LED Display as the latest innovation in its high performance XR range. This scalable and modular solution is the first at this pixel pitch to achieve a 240 Hz frame rate, which is made possible by the manufacturer’s proprietary technologies and a novel clocking scheme that delivers the highest industry performance while maintaining low power consumption. 
Over 25 years of innovation, SiliconCore has become synonymous with industry firsts and for pushing the envelope in fine pixel pitch LED displays. This latest breakthrough for the broadcast industry introduces a revolutionary driver technology that delivers higher performance at even lower power consumption. 

This has been achieved with the creation of a new driver IC to deliver a greater performance at a lower operating temperature, achieving faster clock speeds which are required for next generation broadcast environments.

SiliconCore is the only dvLED display manufacturer making its own driver chips and as a result, the company has proprietary technology that maximizes the performance of each individual pixel to ensure superior performance.

Eric Li, CEO and president of SiliconCore comments: “The introduction of the 1.2mm XR LED Display marks a significant step change for the creation of broadcast, virtual production and XR simulation environments. The 240 Hz frame rate combined with the ultra-fine 1.2mm pixel pitch allows for the creation of virtual environments in smaller spaces and delivers new possibilities for multiple camera set ups and multiple tracked points of view. This is all achieved while maintaining the low power consumption and great sustainability benefits for which we have become synonymous.”

The 500mm x 500mm cabinet is ideal for creating high resolution virtual production setups and live broadcast environments with immersive floor and wall surrounds. Utilizing SiliconCore’s LISA durability technology, the same display can uniquely be used on the studio floor, as well as for the walls, to create the highest resolution immersive production spaces currently feasible without requiring a separate overlay. 

This delivers seamless LED volumes without compromising on image quality or design efficiency, while maintaining the LEDs' beneficial characteristics and serviceability at the modular level. In addition, the smooth, non-reflective, durable, flat, water-resistant surface can handle weight-bearing loads of up to 2000Kg/m2.

The patented SiliconCore Common Cathode driver chip delivers frame rates of 240 Hz and a refresh rate of 7680Hz, which places the products at the peak  of performance for slow motion, multi-camera view and multiple point of view solutions in all XR environments. 

The Common Cathode driver technology ensures high brightness at 1400 nits and ZACH technology delivers low greyscale performance producing a high dynamic range that takes full advantage of scenes requiring both bright and dark imagery simultaneously. High contrast and 160-degree viewing angles coupled with cool operating temperatures lead to a longer lifespan of over 100,000 hours for optimal ROI in production environments where operating cost is crucial. 

The benefits of studios switching to fine pixel pitch LED volumes has both creative and sustainable advantages. A one-day virtual production can result in up to 40% savings on travel and logistics, an additional 40% on operation costs and 4x reduction in carbon emissions. SiliconCore’s roadmap continues to provide the industry with technology that focuses on low power, efficiency and high performance. 

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