SiliconCore launches high-performance 1.9mm XR displays at NAB 2023
April 15, 2023

SiliconCore launches high-performance 1.9mm XR displays at NAB 2023

SiliconCore Technology will unveil a 1.9mm XR LED Display for broadcast and virtual production at NAB 2023 at Booth C3544. This fine pixel pitch display features proprietary technologies from SiliconCore to ensure superior performance, including frame rates of 240Hz and increased durability. The display can also be used as a studio floor to create the highest-resolution immersive production spaces possible.
The 1.9mm XR LED Display will be an immersive setup, with a 16.4’ x 8.2’ wall and adjoining floor. With immersive content created by Vū, a virtual production powerhouse, visitors to the booth will be invited to enter the environment and experience multiple XR scenes and backdrops, including CG and real imagery. The experience includes a highly evocative soundscape. 

SiliconCore’s patented Common Cathode driver chip technologies include fast clock speeds to enable frame rates of 240Hz and refresh rate of 7680Hz with color gamut of DCI-P3 ≥ 95% and BT.2020 ≥ 85%, delivering uniform color, defined images, with less motion blur, for excellent camera viewing. These displays are ideal for slow-motion cinematography and building active 3D environments.  In addition, the high brightness at 2000 nits and low greyscale performance produces a high dynamic range that takes full advantage of scenes requiring both bright and dark imagery simultaneously. 

As the only LED manufacturer designing its own driver chips, SiliconCore is uniquely positioned to maximize the efficiency and performance of each pixel. The high brightness, high contrast, 180-degree viewing angle, coupled with cool operating temperatures, lead to a longer lifespan for optimal ROI in production environments where operating cost is crucial. SiliconCore’s patented Common Cathode driver technology provides a power reduction of 20-40%, leading to significantly reduced operating costs.  

With advancements in floor resolutions, SiliconCore’s proprietary LISA technology ensures durability that doesn’t require a separate overlay. The encapsulation occurs directly on the PCB, increasing strength while maintaining the LEDs' beneficial characteristics and modular serviceability. The low-reflective, water-resistant surface can handle loads of up to 2000 kilograms per square meter.

Eric Li, CEO of SiliconCore Technology comments: 

“Our unique, patented technologies mean that we are the only LED manufacturer delivering a 240hz frame rate for XR studios along with 1.9mm and 1.2mm modular floor solutions. We are excited to open the community to new creative possibilities. As the video production market advances, our goal is to provide the highest resolution and performance solutions for XR environments.”

The 1.9mm XR displays suit premium XR and VP environments. A 500mm x 500mm cabinet design enables outstanding levels of freedom and creativity through scalable solutions to any volume and size, including curved configurations. In addition, the Lotus 0.83 4K at 145” will be on display, showcasing the highest resolution SiliconCore technology with maximum contrast and performance.

Visit SiliconCore at Booth C3544 during NAB 2023 and learn more at