What's New for Video in Adobe Creative Cloud
April 20, 2017

What's New for Video in Adobe Creative Cloud

NAB –  Ahead of the National Association of Broadcasting (NAB) conference, Adobe announced a major update for video in Adobe Creative Cloud to help filmmakers and video producers collaborate and streamline video workflows. The Creative Cloud release,  available now , delivers new features for graphics and   titling, animation, polishing audio and sharing assets; support for the latest video formats, such as HDR, VR and 4K; new   integrations with Adobe Stock; and advanced artificial intelligence capabilities powered by Adobe Sensei. 

Announced at Adobe Summit 2017, Adobe Experience Cloud also allows brands to deliver connected video experiences across any screen at massive scale, while analyzing performance and monetizing ads.

Technology advancements and exploding consumer demand for impactful and personalized content require video producers to create, deliver and monetize their video assets faster than ever before. From the largest studio to next generation YouTubers, a scalable, end-to-end solution is required to create, collaborate and streamline video workflows with robust analytics and advertising tools to optimize content and drive more value.

Adobe Premiere Pro CC

Edit video faster with Premiere Pro CC, a nonlinear editing application. The Spring 2017 release of Premiere Pro CC offers new workflows for graphics, titles, and audio, as well as a new level of integration with After Effects and Audition.

New in Adobe Premiere Pro CC:

  • The Essential Graphics panel for a modern, intuitive way to create titles and motion graphics.
  • The Essential Sound panel (for Premiere Pro and Audition provides an intuitive, professional audio editing experience focused on creative intent, without requiring audio engineering expertise. Users can easily assign mix types to their clips, identifying the role each clip plays in the project: dialogue, music, or sound effects. 
  • Audio effects and improved integration with Adobe Audition, giving editors working with audio effects more choices within Premiere Pro. 
  • Destination publishing to Adobe Stock, so that editors looking to monetize their work and reach millions of creative buyers can now submit videocontent directly to Adobe Stock via Premiere Pro or Adobe Media Encoder. 
  • Ambisonic audio support for VR, enriching the VR experience with positionally-aware audio for VR-enabled platforms like YouTube and Facebook.

Adobe After Effects CC

The Spring 2017 release of After Effects reduces the steps in the workflow, improving efficiency and expanding the user’s creative scope when creating cinematic visual effects and sophisticated motion graphics with industry-standard animation and compositing tools.

New in After Effects CC:

  • Essential graphics panel for building lower-third titles, brandidentities or other graphics as Motion Graphics templates for Premiere Pro. 
  • Camera shake deblur for unwanted motion-blurred artifacts. When combined with the Warp Stabilizer VFX, the new effect salvages otherwise unusable shots due to camera bumps or undesirable motion blur that can remain when using stabilization tools. 
  • Lumetri Scopesfor applying accurate color adjustment to compositions. As in
  • Premiere Pro, the Lumetri Scopes panel displays resizable video scopes–Vectorscopes, Histogram, Parade, and Waveform–that help evaluate and color-correct clips.
  • GPU-accelerated effects and overall performance improvements.New to the GPU-accelerated effect list are Fractal Noise, Levels, and Fast Box Blur, giving users the classic look of Gaussian Blur (Legacy) and Fast Blur on the GPU. 
  • Simplified effect organization with the inclusion ofisource masks and effects when using a layer as an effect input.

Adobe Character Animator CC (Beta)

Quickly create interactive puppets with built-in character templates or by combining different puppet parts from Photoshop and Illustrator files. Control actions with your webcam and mouse, or use keyboard shortcuts to make heads, arms, and legs move. Character Animator automatically captures your voice and mimics mouth movements for effortless lip-syncing. The Spring 2017 release simplifies the workflow and adds new, more powerful animation capabilities.

New in Character Animator CC (Beta):

  • Walk cycles for creating instant walking animations from a single profile pose simply by tagging the character’s legs, arms, and body. 
  • Viseme editor for viewing the various mouth shapes Character Animator haschosen in a separate audio track. Select, trim, delete, insert or replace individual mouth shapes via a simple right mouse click to select an alternative.
  • Live streaming via Facebook and YouTube.
  • Blending modes to add visual interest to a puppet’s appearance by controlling how a layer interacts with the layers beneath it. Add highlights for eyes or shade body parts by choosing blending modes such as Overlay or Multiply.
  • Workspaces that enable users to movethrough the animation process step by step. 
  • Nutcracker jaw improvements thatrespond to the loudness of your voice. 

Adobe Audition CC

The Spring 2017 release gives users flexible, streamlined workflow and tighter integration with Premiere Pro.

New in Audition CC:

  • Multichannel audio workflows.
  • Enhanced interchange with Premiere Pro CC.
  • Visual shortcut editor for easily finding, modifying, and creating custom keyboard shortcuts for any command.
  • Presonus FaderPort controller support, putting an inexpensive and responsive audio mixer on every desktop.
  • Updated effects.

Adobe Media Encoder CC

Adobe Media Encoder CC provides fast, reliable ingest, rendering and transcoding for video content.

New in Adobe Media Encoder CC:

  • Team Projects (beta) support.
  • Support for color profiles from After Effects sources are now available, while giving users the option to relink assets in sequences.

The new features for Adobe Creative Cloud announced at NAB are now available with the latest version of CC 2017. The company is offering Adobe Creative Cloud for U.S. $49.99 a month.