The Foundry Showing Nuke Studio Enhancements
April 9, 2015

The Foundry Showing Nuke Studio Enhancements

LONDON – The Foundry will bring even more power to its Nuke family of products, with an enhanced version of Nuke Studio. 
Nuke Studio, a node-based VFX, editorial and finishing studio, provides unmatched review capabilities for creative individuals working independently as well as collaborative teams working on quick-turnaround projects.  

The Foundry will demonstrate the new features at NAB, Lower South Hall at booth SL 6329, as well as broadcast them during a live stream on Tuesday, April 14 from 10am - 2pm PDT.

“In order to keep pace with the ongoing demands our customers face, we decided to bring incremental, value-add components to our Nuke family of products,” said Philippa Carroll, head of Media Production, Business Strategy and Operations. “With these features, Nuke Studio becomes an even more invaluable single, integrated VFX and finishing application for both individuals and teams.”

Nuke Studio's new features, expected to be commercially available this summer, include:
●      Multiple overlay tracks and blending modes in Nuke Studio’s timeline, which give users access to even more familiar editing tools, and make editorial effects like adding insets and product logos, simple, fast and real-time.  
●      Enhanced audio editorial tools, which let users view an audio tracks waveform within the timeline and apply cross fades and fade in/out to audio tracks using handles, these tools now combined make simple audio editing within Nuke Studio possible.
●      Burn-in soft effect added to the real-time in-timeline effects in Nuke Studio, which lets users quickly and easily add review information like time codes, clip name and project name directly in the timeline for use during review.
●      XML & AAF support for grades, non-linear retimes, transforms and cropping with Nuke Studio, which enables automatic creation of external editorial effects within Nuke Studio.
●      Native support for stereo playback, both in application and through SDI-out, within Nuke Studio and the Nuke and NukeX Flipbook.