Red Extends Dragon family
April 15, 2015

Red Extends Dragon family

LAS VEGAS — Red’s ( Dragon family is growing with the introduction of the latest model that leverages the company’s 6K Dragon sensor. Weapon is the company’s smallest and most lightweight camera brain. The new Weapon model boasts a number of improvements and features that include workflow enhancements, cable-free and intuitive peripherals, and integrated mounting points.
Interchangeable I/O expanders enable users to configure their rig to fit different production types, whether using the camera in a gimbal, run-and-gun, or in a studio environment. Weapon has a top handle and LCD display options that connects directly to the DSMC brain. Onboard wireless connectivity allows for remote camera control using iOS or Android mobile devices.

Built–in stereo microphones and speakers allow for easier audio capture and playback, while the Record Start/Stop button on the top handle puts recording control within easy access. New intelligent OLPFs with integrated circuitry communicate the necessary colorimetry information to the brain. A cam-action lock makes swapping OLPFs to customize footage convenient.

The new integrated media bay offers higher bandwidth and unleashes the full potential of Red Mini-Mags, which are available in a number of capacities and options. Weapon also supports the Apple ProRes codec, giving users the freedom to record in both the R3D and Apple ProRes file formats at the same time. 

The 19 megapixel Dragon sensor can capture 6K motion and stills at up to 100 frames per second. The redesigned brain infrastructure features enhancements such as automatic black shade calibrations, improved low light sensor performance, and a new intelligent OLPF system. The brain is also equipped to support 1D and 3D LUTs.

Weapon is backwards compatible with existing power options (such as batteries, chargers and power adaptors), Mini-Mags, DSMC lens mounts, cables, and most mounting and support components. New LCD/EVF adaptors enable users to attach existing Red Touch and other monitoring solutions.