Pond5 Introduces 8K Backlots for Greenscreen Productions
April 15, 2015

Pond5 Introduces 8K Backlots for Greenscreen Productions

NEW YORK — At the NAB show, Pond5 (www.pond5.com) is introducing Backlots, 8K green screen files that allow content producers to stage their productions in places that are thousands of miles away. Some of the Backlots include Amsterdam, New York and Paris.
The Backlots were made by stitching together three 4K clips to create a 160-degree panoramic video. This allows filmmakers to use different camera angles and still maintain the effect of a realistic landscape.

In addition, Pond5 is introducing Backlots+, which are digital backlots plus foreground elements, such as sidewalks, streets or promenades. These files let filmmakers shoot characters with realistic foreground elements.

Pond5 currently has close to 1,500 Backlots available. The company offers free Backlots at: https://www.pond5.com/digital-backlots-free.  Backlots+ are generally priced at $200/1080, or $300/4K. The Backlots footage is priced between $350/1080 and $550/4K.