AJA Releases New Mini-Converters
April 13, 2015

AJA Releases New Mini-Converters

LAS VEGAS – AJA Video Systems has announced a host of new Mini-Converters, devices that harness AJA's technology for more extensible digital video workflows.
The newly announced FiDO-4T-ST and FiDO-4R-ST enable quad-channel SDI to ST Fiber and ST Fiber to SDI, enabling Fiber transmission of 4K and UltraHD signals, and HA5-4K converts UltraHD/HD HDMI to 4x 3G-SDI. The quad-signal path also allows for multiple HD signals to be carried across long distances. 

HA5-4K provides a simple and powerful path from UltraHD/HD HDMI to SDI, converting the signal to 4x 3G-SDI.

AJA is also now offering CWDM (Course Wavelength Division Multiplexing) fiber choices, allowing multiple channels of 3G-SDI to be carried on a single fiber. AJA extends the CWDM technology into its FiDO stand-alone Fiber offerings with the introduction of the FiDO-2T-CWDM. AJA's FS1-X and FS2 Frame Synchronizers can also now accept a full complement of CWDM Dual Transmitters, configurable in existing SFP cages, as options at time of order. 

FiDO-4T-ST and FiDO-4R-ST fiber converters are available for $1,495; the FiDO-2T-CWDM is available for $1,295. HA5-4K is available for $595. Dual CWDM Transmitter options for FS1-X and FS2 are priced at $695.