ftrack 2.6 Production Tracking, Asset Management Platform Debuts
April 11, 2014

ftrack 2.6 Production Tracking, Asset Management Platform Debuts

STOCKHOLM, SWEDEN – ftrack AB, a leading developer of production tracking and asset management tools, has announced ftrack 2.6.

The latest version of its platform brings game-changing key features, Locations and Client Portals, to the table. The version is now in beta and the new release launch by the end of June 2014.

Collaboration across multiple locations on a global level is the future for many industries, whether it’s between large companies or smaller indie groups. In the VFX world, ftrack embraces this forward-looking direction with Locations, a new solution that simplifies the once-tangled web of tracking the flow of files on disk and their usage.

With Locations, you can set associations between a file and a location (which could be anything from a specific workstation, an IP address, or even a city on the other end of the globe). This boosts efficiency by cutting out the confusion of constant data-chasing. You can now track versions, file locations, ownership, availability, file-sizes, and usage with ease. Taking things a step further, Locations makes automated file transfer a breeze by integrating with a range of popular user-selected cloud storage services (like Dropbox, for example) and tracking the space used.

ftrack 2.6 also rolls out the first phase of Client Portals by offering an extremely simple and user-friendly way to run client review sessions. Now, with the ability to invite individuals who are not in ftrack to join a review through a streamlined UI, you can bring clients into the picture to make comments, draw on frames, give approvals, and provide other critical input on a project.

In a future update, ftrack will expand on this with a dedicated Client Portal system that adds even more features to streamline the way you interact with clients.

ftrack allows users to easily track their production or project, manage assets, review shots, schedule workloads and assign tasks and collaborate together in one easy-to-access portal.

Originally developed as an in-house production tracking tool at Fido Film in 2008, commercial development of the product began in 2011 and it’s already being used by a number of high-profile facilities including Cinesite, Filmmore and Saddington Baynes and now The Mill.