Red Giant Completely Rebuilds Magic Bullet Looks
March 31, 2014

Red Giant Completely Rebuilds Magic Bullet Looks

Red Giant has revealed Magic Bullet Looks 2.5, an upcoming free update for current users of Looks and the Red Giant Color Suite. The free update includes new color correction tools, better previewing of presets, and a major bump in speed. 

“It might look mostly the same at first glance,” said Nate Sparks, Red Giant Color Suite product manager, “but what’s under the hood is brand-spanking entirely new. Magic Bullet Looks has been around for a long time, and we know how much users depend on it every day in their work. But we reached a point in development where the older technology it was built on was holding us back.”

Rather than continuing to build Looks on old code, the developers chose to spend the last year rebuilding it entirely from scratch – preserving the hugely popular Magic Bullet Looks experience while giving it new life and a bright future.

“A few weeks ago, we announced an entirely new development platform and effects library called Universe,” said Red Giant co-founder Andrew Little. “That technology allows us to quickly create new effects and update existing ones quickly. Magic Bullet Looks has been rebuilt on the same flexible, GPU-enhanced technology, and it opens the door for us to do a lot more with Looks and other existing products in the future.”

The free update includes a speed increase of up to 95% on Windows and more than 25% on the Mac. It also boasts improved Looks previewing and control over Look via a keyframeable slider.

Magic Bullet Looks 2.5 will be available in the second quarter as a free upgrade for current users of Magic Bullet Looks 2.