Maxon Announces Link to ThinkBox, Vizrt
April 10, 2014

Maxon Announces Link to ThinkBox, Vizrt

NAB 2014 – At a media luncheon hosted by Maxon, the company unveiled its NAB news, including integration with Vizrt and ThinkBox Software, as well its line-up of artists at its booth on the show floor.

Krakatoa, the volumetric particle rendering, manipulation, and management tool kit from ThinkBox, is now available for Maxon’s Cinema 4D. Now, the software integrates with all major Cinema 4D particle sources, including emitter, TP, X-Particles, and Turbulence FD. It provides dedicated mesh-to-point cloud conversion objects, and enables user to save and load particles in PRT, RealFlow BIN, and CSV formats

Krakatoa provides tools for iterative or procedural particle count increase. It also uses a subset of the Cinema 4D light attributes, and supports Cinema 4D materials and textures, including camera mapping. Particles can be rendered as points or voxels. The tool supports motion blur and depth-of-field effects.

In other news, Maxon and Vizrt, through a co-development partnership, have created a new level of integration between Cinema 4D and the Vizrt real-time modeling and animation solution: Viz Artist. The streamlined workflow allows Cinema 4D scene files to be directly imported into Viz Artist through Maxon’s Cineware technology. The live 3D exchange brings in geometry, textures, lights, and animation data into Viz Artist. Assets are immediately visible and can be utilized in on-air model. Moreover, changes in the Cinema 4D project file are automatically updated in Viz Artist.