HP Unveils New DreamColor Displays
April 11, 2014

HP Unveils New DreamColor Displays

LAS VEGAS, NV — HP announced two new HP DreamColor Displays for the color-critical display market. The HP Z27x and Z24x displays for PCs and Macs feature HP’s second-generation DreamColor Engine and provide up to 1.07 billion on-screen colors, achieving color error so small that it is not discernable to the human eye.

Compared to the previous-generation product, the new displays include up to 60 percent more pixels, contain up to a 4,000 percent increase in the internal color palette and are up to 57 percent thinner. 

The HP Z24x DreamColor Display delivers a color accuracy and consistency at less than 25 percent of the price of the original HP DreamColor display. The HP Z27x DreamColor Display provides three times the color accuracy over the previous generation and is the first color-critical display featuring HP’s hostless integrated calibration engine with built-in support for third-party professional color measurement instruments. HP touts the monitor as the most affordable color-critical display capable of 4K support. 

The HP DreamColor Z27x and Z24x are available for $1,499 and $599, respectively.