Maxon to Show Cinema 4D at NAB
March 27, 2013

Maxon to Show Cinema 4D at NAB

At NAB, MAXON will showcase Cinema 4D, the latest version of its 3D motion graphics, visual effects, painting, and rendering software application. Leveraging more than two decades of 3D graphics programming, Cinema 4D allows individual artists and design teams to incorporate high-end 3D functionality into motion graphics and visual effects projects in any medium, from film and broadcast to mobile game design and architectural visualization and product design.

At the Maxon booth, # SL5316, some of today's hottest professional 3D motion graphics designers and visual effects artists using Maxon software will provide insight into how Cinema 4D helps solve complex production challenges and inspires the making of award-winning feature films, broadcast graphics, commercials, and more

Earlier this month, Maxon and Adobe Systems Incorporated announced they had entered into a strategic alliance and would begin collaborating on solutions that would leverage the strengths of their respective technologies to simplify and further integrate a pipeline between Adobe After Effects software and Cinema 4D to give users a seamless 2D/3D workflow. Visitors to both the Maxon and Adobe booths at NAB will also see presentations demonstrating the production-friendly and robust connectivity that presently exists between these powerhouse 2D and 3D software toolsets. 

Guest presenters currently confirmed to present work created with Maxon software include:

Campbell, the motion graphics phenom behind the online training and community resource for creatives -  Greyscalegorilla, returns to the Maxon booth with his enthusiastic presentation style to show the tight integration between Cinema 4D and After Effects to make beautiful renders from start to final render.

John LePore,  creative director at New York City-based  Perception, will once again deliver an insightful and engaging presentation to demonstrate the flexibility and ease Cinema 4D provides in meeting razor-sharp deadlines on high profile projects for film and television like  Men in Black III. LePore will focus on how the design team handles the race-to-the-finish-line in the earliest stages of production, often requiring the creation of detailed style-frames and complicated motion tests.

Barton Damer is a multi-award winning motion designer and digital artist working in a variety of mediums including print, web, live productions and broadcast television. He is the founder of the design and motion graphics studio,  Already Been Chewed. Barton returns to the Maxon booth to reveal how he employed Cinema 4D to create some conventional and not-so-conventional campaigns for Nike, Malibu Boats, and Scion's RAT Tour.

EJ Hassenfratz, owner and motion graphic artist at  Eyedesyn and author, will break down the creative process on recent motion graphics campaigns, including a projection mapping project to illustrate Cinema 4D's versatility and performance under pressure with a focus on the Inheritance Effector and MoDynamics.

Colin Evoy Sebestyen is a motion graphics artist and instructor at the Academy of Art University, and California College of the Arts in San Francisco. He will examine a range of topics and techniques in Cinema 4D including the new sculpting features in Release 14, 3D stereoscopic workflows, live tour graphics created for Edison's fall tour with musical artists Aesop Rock, Big Wiz and Rob Sonic and his "Render-A-Day" art projects featured on

Kevin Aguirre, lead animator for LA-based  Cake Studios, will demonstrate a streamlined approach for using Cinema 4D in combination with After Effects on a trio of broadcast projects including ESPN Unite to highlight the use of MoGraph Effectors, simple character setups, animating with XPresso, crowd creation and more.

Brian McCauley, creative director and 2D/3D animator, breaks down a project produced for the Chicago Bulls that will illustrate tips on optimizing the Cinema 4D workflow for the fast paced world of sports motion graphics.

Mike Szabo,  motion designer with  Big Mike Design, will showcase the power inside the Cinema 4D toolsets including XPresso, MoGraph and Dynamics that streamline creativity and improve productivity on a project for the Univision Network in Miami.

Donovan Keith, freelance animator, Cinema 4D trainer, author, and technical director, will demonstrate techniques using various toolsets in Cinema4D such as MoGraph, Python, Thinking Particles and XPresso for scientific visualization projects.

For Maxon enthusiasts unable to attend the show, the company is dedicating a live stream daily from its NAB booth with expanded coverage of guest artist presentations and news from the show floor that will be available on  C4D Live. Visit the site for additional information on guest presenters, presentation schedules, and more.