Eyeon Integrates Technology Into Avid Timelines
April 12, 2012

Eyeon Integrates Technology Into Avid Timelines

TORONTO — Eyeon Software’s (www.eyeonline.com) Connection integrates directly with Avid’s AVX2 architecture, embeding Fusion’s node-based VFX environment and Dimension’s optical flow-based stereoscopic and image processing application in the Avid timeline. Connection supports Avid’s Media Composer, Symphony, NewsCutter, and Avid DS product lines within Fusion and Dimension.
Fusion and Dimension can exist on the same systems as the Avid software or anywhere else on the network. This is an advantage to existing Avid supporting technologies, as it provides concurrent editing, VFX creation, and stereoscopic production in the Avid workflow.
“With eyeon Connection, a simple drag and drop to the Avid timeline gives editors and artists direct access to our products,” explains Eyeon director of sales, Jeff Krebs. “For the first time, Avid clients will have an unlimited node effects and stereo environment for creative compositing and motion graphics. Combined with Avid’s renowned pedigree in the editing markets, eyeon’s resolution independence and real 3d products expand the Avid experience to a new frontier in film and broadcast visual effects.”
Avid editing solutions get direct access to Fusion and Dimension toolsets without leaving the Avid project, offloading creative tasks, such as particle generation and virtual environments, and tedious tasks, such as advanced keying and rotoscoping. This eliminates the import/export process.
The processes of conforming, finishing and packaging now have direct integration with Fusion to solve last minute issues. Using Dimension’s stereo alignment, correction, and color matching toolset is now seamless in the Avid finishing workflow.

Connection with AVX2 support will be included as part of Fusion and Dimension 6.4 at no additional charge for current subscription owners.