NewTek Integrates Apple Mobile Device Support into TriCaster 850 EXTREME
April 15, 2011

NewTek Integrates Apple Mobile Device Support into TriCaster 850 EXTREME

NewTek announced its TriCaster 850 EXTREME can work directly with video and audio from any Apple AirPlay-enabled device and app out-of-the-box.
With instant wireless support for two simultaneous AirPlay sources, devices such as an iPad, iPod, iPhone, and Mac can serve as direct inputs to the TriCaster 850 EXTREME.

“By supporting Apple AirPlay with the TriCaster, we allow anyone with an iOS device to wirelessly transmit media directly to an input on the TriCaster 850 EXTREME,” says Andrew Cross, NewTek Chief technology officer. “Rather than create a custom App that links to the TriCaster, we have ensured that we work with all Apps that support the Apple AirPlay protocols. This means that as App developers continue to innovate for AirPlay, TriCaster can immediately take advantage of the new capabilities.”

TriCaster 850 EXTREME works with every AirPlay application and can accept, receive, and integrate two channels of media transmitted by AirPlay into a live production. With NewTek’s AirPlay support, producers have more options, such as using an iPhone to send content to the
TriCaster 850 EXTREME as video, photo, and audio sources, or using a pair of iPads as touch-screen controllable DDRs. AirPlay integration requires no additional equipment or installation.

TriCaster 850 EXTREME will be available in Q3 2011 and retail in North America for $39,995. The price may vary internationally. Educational pricing is also available.
NewTek is offering the TriCaster 850 EXTREME Special. To qualify for the special $37,995 price, the unit must be purchased before May 31, 2011, with immediate delivery of
TriCaster 850. Customers will be charged $24,995 at the time of purchase with deferred billing of $12,995 for the EXTREME upgrade, when it ships in Q3, 2011. They must also take delivery of the EXTREME upgrade within 30 days of its release to qualify for the special $12,995 pricing.