April 21, 2009

XDT catapult 2.0

XDT Pty. Ltd., a developer of advanced software-based solutions for digital film, is presenting Version 2.0 of its flagship catapult system, including several enhancements to the catapult protocol. Features in Version 2.0 include: direct access to Autodesk StoneArrays via the slingshot client application, support for Bluefish444 Symmetry capture software allowing for direct acquisition to catapults, a web-based interface for enhanced remote administration, and availability of C++ and C# SDKs.

Catapult, intended to redefine point-to-point frame data transfers and uncompressed frame review, provides point-to-point frame transfers using gigabit Ethernet connections. The solution can deliver the same local throughput performance of its storage arrays to connected systems using standard networking infrastructure.

Catapult is an integrated hardware and software solution. The hardware consists of an enterprise-grade server that delivers a maximum data rate in excess of 1200 Megabytes per second read or write via a local RAID5 protected array (up to 13TB capacity). The hardware platform is then exposed onto the LAN or Switched Fabric with XDT’s catapult software component.