April 20, 2009

Frantic Films Software Deadline 3.1

Frantic Films Software, the R&D division of visual effects company FranticFilms VFX and a division of Prime Focus Group, has launched Deadline 3.1, the company's hassle-free administration and rendering toolkit for Windows, Linux, and Mac OSX-based render farms. The latest version provides support for MetaRender, the render package from IRIDAS that automates complex transcoding tasks in production pipelines and post facilities.
Prior to its release, Deadline 3.1 underwent thorough beta testing by several longtime Deadline customers, including lead technical artist Mike Owen at the UK's Burrows nVisage. Owen has been a Deadline customer since 2007.
Deadline 3.1 is available now directly through the Frantic Films Software Division. Deadline is available for a list price starting at $140 per render node for the first 25 licenses; prices drop per unit with increased volume.