April 21, 2009

Bluefish444 Epoch Series

Bluefish444 has introduced its Epoch line of cost-effective, multi-channel 2K/HD/SD SDI PCIe uncompressed video cards containing a new Bluefish444 technology called RapidFlow+MR2. RapidFlow+MR2 enables high-quality, real-time hardware scaling for format conversion and extreme workflow flexibility through flexible signal routing. The technology is implemented in two optional hardware modules onboard the Epoch video card: Jetstream and VariVue.
Epoch, Jetstream, and VariVue use RapidFlow+MR2 technology to enable up, down, or cross conversion of any input or output video signal to/from Epoch while simultaneously routing the converted video signal(s) to any combination of Epoch’s monitoring and output options, says a representative.

Epoch video boards contain all the features of their predecessor 2K|Lust and HD|Fury boards, yet feature a higher-performance, 4-lane PCIe bus interface for multi-channel, full duplex operation.

Epoch video boards contain new features, such as 12-bit SDI processing, 3G SDI support, 3D Stereoscopic capability, embedded audio, embedded time code, and full duplex DMA of 1.1 GB/sec data transfer rate to enable developers to capture and playback up to two streams of HD.

Epoch comes bundled with the Windows Symmetry application. Also bundled with Epoch are free plug-ins for Apple Final Cut Studio 2, Adobe Creative Suite 4, Autodesk Combustion and 3DS Max, Eyeon Digital Fusion, and Drastic Technologies Media NXS and Quick Clip Pro.

Six separate Epoch models are available as preconfigured products starting from $2495.