April 21, 2009

Blackmagic Design Videohub Routers

Blackmagic Design Inc. announced two new models of its Videohub routers, extending the Videohub range with Enterprise Videohub, a massive 144x288 model, and Studio Videohub, a compact 16x32 model. All Videohub models are on display at Blackmagic Design Booth SL10820.
Enterprise Videohub is a 144x288 SDI routing size with 144 deck control ports that is large enough for the biggest postproduction studio or broadcaster. Enterprise Videohub features a single circuit board design, which reduces degradation of high-speed data signals, such as 3Gb/s SDI. Enterprise Videohub is only 16 rack units high, and less than 3 inches deep, which is incredibly compact when compared to similar-sized SDI routers. Enterprise Videohub will be available in July for $29,995.
Studio Videohub replaces the original Workgroup Videohub, however it features larger 16x32 SDI routing and is smaller, at only 2 rack units high. Studio Videohub is perfect for small postproduction workgroups where people need to share a broadcast deck. Studio Videohub can be used to compartmentalize sections of a facility from the main router such as a small graphic design group in a large broadcast facility. Studio Videohub is available now for $4995.
Enterprise Videohub and Broadcast Videohub models include redundant power connections, SDI re-clocking, and 3Gb/s SDI technology in a compact rack chassis less than 3 inches deep. Studio Videohub includes the same great SDI re-clocking and 3 Gb/s SDI technology in a compact rack chassis less than 1 inch deep.