April 20, 2009

Autodesk Smoke 2010, Flint 2010, Lustre 2009 Extension

Autodesk Inc. is demonstrating the 2010 releases of Autodesk Smoke and Autodesk Flint software for editorial finishing and visual effects. The company is also unveiling the 2009 Extension 1 releases of Autodesk Lustre and Autodesk Incinerator color-grading software. In addition, the company launched Autodesk Flare software, a creative companion to the 2010 releases of Autodesk Flame and Autodesk Inferno visual effects systems. The new releases are being showcased in the Autodesk Booth SL2120 at NAB 2009.

Autodesk Smoke is a nonlinear, timeline-based system for editorial finishing and visual effects in short- and long-form postproduction and broadcast design. With an extensive set of editorial and finishing features, Smoke provides powerful and high-speed tools to editors, as well as finishing and effects artists.

Autodesk Flint is a cost-effective system for designing complex visual effects and motion graphics in a real-time environment for postproduction and broadcast design. It is used primarily for promotions, stations ID packages, commercials, and brand graphics.

Autodesk Lustre is a high-performance graphical processing unit (GPU)–accelerated digital intermediate color grading solution for film and television projects. Autodesk Incinerator is the real-time accelerator within Lustre that enables interactive grading sessions, ultra high-speed clustering and intelligent system management.