April 21, 2009

Atempo Partnership with Integrated Media Technologies

Atempo Inc. has announced a new partnership with Integrated Media Technologies Inc. (IMT), a systems integrator for film, television, and information technology, to deliver Atempo Digital Archive (ADA) and Atempo Time Navigator to data-intensive environments across the media and entertainment industries.

IMT specializes in integrating creative applications with enterprise computing, storage, and software solutions for organizations across the media and entertainment industry. IMT serves a range of multinational and vertically-integrated organizations, including major film studios, television networks, and special effects and postproduction facilities. Atempo Digital Archive and Atempo Time Navigator are optimized for these types of cross-platform, data-intensive environments where the protection of digital assets is a business imperative.

Atempo Time Navigator ensures that valuable data is backed up and protected. In the event of lost or damaged files, the software aids users in recovering their project data through the Time Navigation restore interface. Both products are compatible with Mac, Windows, and UNIX environments, and support a wide range of storage media.

Atempo is providing product demonstrations in Booth SL5729 at NAB.