April 17, 2008

da Vinci Launches New Version of Resolve Digital Mastering Suite

Las Vegas - A new version of the da Vinci Resolve digital mastering suite was unveiled at NAB in Las Vegas.
The new Resolve, based on da Vinci's C.O.R.E.T (CUDAT Optimized Resolve Engine), implements advanced technology and harnesses the massively parallel processing of GPUs to deliver faster and more powerful operation for demanding color enhancement and image processing, such as that required in DI applications. 
The C.O.R.E. technology is architected to be scalable for unlimited performance. The Resolve R200, with a single C.O.R.E, works faster than any system da Vinci has ever delivered, while the Resolve R300, with two C.O.R.E., is twice as fast as the R200. It harnesses the power and efficiency of GPUs for graphics display and processing power to solve complex, computation-intensive challenges inherent in color finishing. To do so, da Vinci engineers collaborated closely with Nvidia, developers of the CUDA processing language, to take full advantage of the company's vision of next-generation image processing horsepower.
Initially, da Vinci will offer four models in the Resolve R Series based on C.O.R.E. technology. The R200 features one C.O.R.E. and a TransformerT board, da Vinci's real-time hardware acceleration for 3D and 2D LUT applications, as well as unparalled scaling including pan-tilt-zoom-rotate, and a host of other proprietary image processing features.
The R250 has one C.O.R.E. and two Transformer boards which can be used in parallel or sequentially, such as one on the input and one on the output. The R300 has two C.O.R.E. for twice the speed and computing power, and the R350 features two C.O.R.E. and two Transformer boards.
Existing da Vinci customers can upgrade their current Resolve systems with C.O.R.E. offered in R/2 and R/3 configurations. All users of Resolve will benefit from an improved look for the GUI, as well as a host of new features including Avid integration, inside/outside color correction nodes, timeline enhancements, and improved interactive performance. Also at the NAB Show, da Vinci is providing a sneak peek of its future products and technology, including an even more powerful 4K interactive C.O.R.E. demo.