April 25, 2008

GridIron Flow Showcased at NAB on Mac OS X and Windows

Las Vegas - GridIron Software announced that GridIron Flow software is now undergoing beta testing with a select group of creative professionals. 
Flow is a new approach to workflow management for creative pros that simplifies the design process for print, Web, film, and video projects.
This software will be available later this summer and will be priced starting at $349.
Creative professionals interested in finding out more about Flow and participating in the beta program are encouraged to register at www.gridironsoftware.com.  
Flow automatically tracks work allowing users to instantly see the relationships between all the assets in the most complex projects -- all without changing the way you work. Flow uses sophisticated Real-Time Asset Tracking technology to record all Import/Export, Save/Save As, and Copy/Paste actions in a project. It understands the file formats for virtually all creative professional applications, including those from Apple and Adobe, and maintains the relationships between stills, movies, sound clips, fonts, plug-ins, and color swatches on all local, network, and removable storage devices. 
Flow provides an intuitive user interface to display this information and delivers a rich set of features including:  
* Workflow Maps -- show the files used in a project and how they are connected to one another as they move from application to application including all related assets, fonts, color swatches, plug-ins and even internal file structure like comps and layers. They are updated in real-time as you work.  
* Visual Search -- searches for internal file details such as layer names, plug-ins, fonts, or colors, and Flow will instantly highlight how and where those elements are used in your workflow.  
* Project Time Tracking -- automatically records how much time was spent creating one file, a series of files or an entire project.  
* Project Packages -- provide a point in time snapshot of any project and capture everything that went into its creation, including media files, fonts, color swatches, applications and plug-ins. Project Packages include a Workflow Map showing how everything fits together so that everything needed to hand it off and reconstruct it later will be there.  
* Visual Versions -- automatically tracks versions of files, including thumbnails and metadata, as a project evolves allowing users to easily revert to a previous version of a file anywhere in their workflow.  
* Tags and Annotations -- add customized tags and annotations to assets or projects to support your own business processes. View existing file metadata with support for metadata standards like DICOM, EXIF, IPTC and XMP.  
* Flow SDK -- offered to tool vendors to easily create custom extensions to support their file formats and add new functionality to the Flow environment.  
Flow will be available this summer for Mac OS X Tiger and Leopard and for Windows XP and Vista for $349 per seat.