April 24, 2008

ATTO Technology Demonstrates Storage Connectivity Solutions

Las Vegas - ATTO Technology Inc. demonstrated reliable high-performance storage connectivity solutions targeted towards high-end digital editing where workflow productivity is critical and performance must be optimal. 

Demonstration One - SAS/SATA Storage

ExpressSAS SAS/SATA RAID Adapters -- demonstrating cost-effective, high-performance RAID data protection to direct attached storage. This highly-scalable solution is geared towards standard-definition and compressed video environments, and provides high-performance RAID protection and support for applications running Mac, Windows, and Linux.


Demonstration Two - Multipathing Capabilities for Mac Users

Celerity Fibre Channel Host Adapters -- showcasing multipathing capabilities for Mac

OS X. This solution will show high-availability storage connectivity for Mac users, featuring path failover for continuous uptime and load balancing to aggregate performance. Through partnerships with HP, EMC and Hitachi Data Systems, ATTO has developed a custom multipathing driver for Mac OS X that works with Celerity host adapters in multi-workstation, heterogeneous environments.


Demonstration Three - Next Generation Fibre Channel Solutions

Celerity 8-Gb Fibre Channel Host Adapters -- running IOMETER to show performance.  As a market leader in high-performance storage applications, ATTO consistently delivers early market solutions that enable cutting-edge technology. The 8-Gb Celerity Fibre Channel Host Adapters (available in single-, dual-, and quad-channel) enable the media and entertainment industry's most demanding applications such as 2K and 4K film, multiple layers of complex, uncompressed real-time effects, and high-definition (HD) video and audio editing.


Demonstration Four - Data Protection for Post-Production

FastStream SC RAID Storage Controller Appliances -- add RAID functionality and management for multiple streams of HD video in SAN environments. This solution allows one or multiple Fibre Channel-based workstations to have access to inexpensive, RAID protected SATA storage, and can sustain high-performance when in degraded or rebuild modes.